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Cookery School

The Lowdown

Hello there! As we’re all only too aware these are strange and challenging times.

With a raft of new rules and regulations regarding our health and safety, one could be forgiven for thinking that cooking and entertaining are a thing of the past.  

It’s with this in mind that we here at Spa Seafood's are delighted to launch our new Cookery School, combining traditional cookery classes with all the necessary covid 19 safety guidelines.

The gravity of the current situation aside, we wish to instill in our students the knowledge and confidence to deliver a delicious (and impressive) meal. One that doesn’t leave the cook slaving over a hot stove for the entire evening.  

We will show you how to prepare and present first class cuisine, from special occasion dinner party to casual family affairs. All with the focus on ease and simplicity, blurring the lines between professional and domestic kitchens.

We intend to offer a variety of themed nights such as "Sensational Seafoods", "Winter Warmers" and of course a "Christmas Feast".

Whatever the nights theme, we will also be including wine pairings.  It goes without saying that the suggestions will be available to sample!

The classes will be presented by Marie Dwyer and Aidan O’Shea; two well-seasoned chefs with a combined 30+year’s experience between them.  

Also on hand to share his wisdom will be proprietor Kevin Walsh.

This promises to be a unique and utterly enjoyable experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to Spa Seafood Cookery School.

Learn about us

We aim to please.  With this in mind we offer tailor-made course classes, designed with your specific needs in mind.  

In addition, streamlined classes can be provided for smaller groups such as Birthdays, Hen and Stag etc..  

We’re open to suggestions, so contact us on: 0877975641 OR 0861712345


Sensational Seafood

Seafood cookery can be a sweet and simple affair, once your familiar with the basics.  The aim of this class is to provide our students with the skills necessary to: 

(a) Assess quality and freshness, and 

(b) Handle and store with due care.

Once our students are familiar with these vital principles, we’ll proceed to the cooking!  We demonstrate some contrasting styles and methods of cookery so it won’t be long before you can work inside, outside and around a recipe with confidence.

Armed with these fundamental techniques you’ll soon be cooking and serving your favourite seafood dishes and matching wines like a pro.

Classic cocktails and canapes

When entertaining guests at home. There’s no better introduction to the night than a round of canapes and cocktails. 

With the focus on flavour and variety our colourful canapes a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

And if pleasing the crowd is your aim, then our fun cocktail making demonstrations will add style and sophistication to your evening.

Winter Warmers /One Pot Wonders

The title of this class says it all, Slow cooking for those in a hurry.

This class aims to free you from the kitchen and still produce tasty home treats and comfort food, leaving time for the wine to breath.

Diverse and Different Diets

This may be only a one-night class but it will have a long term impact on your health. 

Delicious recipes using interesting ingredients will provide you and yours with fresher healthier and (most importantly) tastier meals. 

We will include recipes adapted for different dietary requirements e.g.:  vegetarian, gluten free etc..

And of course, a glass of wine exquisitely paired never hurt anybody.

Edible Expressions

There exists an old adage that claims “Eaten bread is soon forgotten”. 

We aim to prove otherwise in our edible gifts module.  Set aside some of your increasingly precious time to join us this night.

Nothing conveys one’s appreciation (of another) quite like a personalised, home made gift; a true labour of love. 

Whether it’s a simple thank you, or something more emotional, we’ll show you how to produce marvelous little sweets and treats.

And present them as lovingly crafted tokens for your special someone.

Again, ideas for wine and seasonal drinks will be available on the night.

A Creative Feast

The aim of this class is to reduce your stress levels and give you (the chef) the skills to streamline your approach and make cooking creatively as easy as possible. 

We will show you how to create some classics from scratch with the emphasis on ease and simplicity but also introduce you to some modern alternatives and matching wines. 

So don’t fret, book now and unleash your inner creative cooking hero!